fredag den 24. maj 2013

NVIDIA GeForce Experience *NEW Feature for gamers!

Hello, its me again.

This time my first review of a software programme. (More will come)
I wonna talk about the new NVIDIA software programme, which were launched yesterday along with their new driver version for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs (version 320.18).

I am very glad to finally see some usable software from NVIDIA, now taking their online gaming informations studio closer to their customers! I often used the online site, but never really changed the settings when in the game, I just didn't bother, cause the game was showing fine quality. But now, with the NVIDIA Experience its so easy to optimize ingame textures and preferences.
And I know that I'm definetly going to use it more in the future!

Furthermore its the first easy way to update the GPU driver, without having to go to the official site!

I know it doesn't look like much, but the fact that it does not only show the optimal settings, but also automaticly changes every game to the optimal settings according to your system is all we need.
I also fancy the fact that it shows an example picture from the game, explaining some of the settings. For example the explanation of how the ambient Occlusion setting feature effects the game.

Can't find your games?
First time I used it, it did not find all my games, and I thought, what is this commercial shit? But when I looked closer I found the opportunity to go straight to every gamelocation on the computer, to find every specific game.
Just go to Preferences -> Games and press the "plus" in the right side. Then find our game location in windows.
Remember, still not all games are supported! Check here for your game:

New versions!
The fact that its a all new programme from NVIDIA, means thats theres a lot of future versions to come! And what not to expect? I would personaly hope for maybe a cooperation with Intel and/or AMD to optimize game even more taking into account what processer the computer uses. Also, maybe a more detailed driver section, which even finds drivers for other releverant software, e.g. the soundcard, the mouse and so on. Also, why not integrate game updates into it?

- We might even see an integration of some of the functions found in the (Iobit) Razer Game Booster!
Or maybe the other way around?

What do you think of the new NVIDIA software programme? Something you immidiatly installed or something you did not install when heard about the new driver version?

Please leave a comment with your experience or questions!

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

My New Blog! - Welcome to me :)

So, first I was writing on a danish blogsite, to recieve bonus points for buying free items. But as all other free stuff , it got more and more commercial, and after two years of blogging, I decided to stop.
I haven't blogged since two years ago, when I stopped, cause I have been busy with my study. But I feel it might be time for me to get started again.

So who am I? I am a 21 years old male now trying to blog in english. I am from Denmark, so my english shouldn't be so bad. I am currently studying for a bachelor at the Southern University of Denmark (SDU).
I won't be able to be active on my blog so much the next month, due to the soon arrivals of my exams, but I hope to get back here for more talk and some guides and reviews on everything that comes in my mind!

Currently I have an idea of what I want to write of in the beginning.
It could be the amazing EA/Dice game: Battlefield 3, or the upcoming Battlefield 4.
Or something simple as the new Razer Game Booster, which I have been using with great succes, since the launch from Iobit (ealier Iobit Game Booster).
I don't want to get around everything, but please leave a comment, if there's something you might want a guide for, such as a guide for how to get new cars into the great game GTA: San Andreas, or want a review on the best Samsung phone: Samsung Galaxy S2.

I might even write some blogs in danish, if I'll get some danish subscribers outhere. But untill that, I will be writing entirely for my own pleasure. As I have always said: "If I like it, when you might too".

If you want to know more, I am trying to get known everywhere. I have recently uploaded some new videoes to my youtubechannel:
And I have just created a TwitchTV account, which I hope, will come in handy, the next time I want to join the battlefield:
Or if you are more a fan of photography, you can watch my best pictures on DeviantArt:

Thats all from me tonight,
please leave a comment or join me next time!