onsdag den 31. juli 2013

PostDanmark Rundt was in Varde!

After some great weeks with Tour De France, it finally came to the danish Tour.. Tour de Denmark, or whatever you call it around the world. In Denmark we call it PostDanmark Rundt... :)

I had VIP seats for the first stage which ended in Varde, with 3 rounds of 3,6 km in Varde, so I had time to take pictures and make video of the guys rolling by with the average speed of about 55 km/t.

It was very fun, and great to see the the danish Lars Bak in action!
Even though he did not win, he was overall very happy about the race though. Take a look on the photo I took of him, when he went towards the winning podium, where he should stand, due to his third place (y, I know, might be wierd, but in Denmark we get both the first, the second and the third to see on the podium)
Also very good to see other people on the podium than just the winner, Magnus Cort Nilsen from Team Cult, because he did not only win the first stage, he also took the yellow leader shirt, the climber shirt(or what its called) and the white young leadership shirt. The number two got the point shirt aswell, and unfortunately for Lars, who also have appeared in Tour De France the past many years, did not get any shirt.

However it was a great day, and I would like to thank Varde for a great show!  

tirsdag den 2. juli 2013

How to get your TV recordings onto your computer.

I have recently discovered an easy way to transport the recorded TV-media from your TV to your computer.! The only thing you need, is a computer and a TV on the same Wifi connection.
Numerous Smart-TV's are compatible, e.g Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony and several more. The only requirement is, that both the TV and the computer is DLNA certified.

Step 1: Download VLC Media Player

Step 2: Be sure the TV is turned on, and the DLNA is activated (Options like network and media stuff are turned on)

Step 3: Go to VLC on your PC or laptop, to to:
View -> Playlist (or press CTRL+L)
Press the Local Network -> Universal Plug'n'Play
(See a picture of my setup in the buttom)

Step 4: Wait for VLC to load network devices.

Step 5: Chose your TV when it shows and find the External HDD you have saved the recorded media on

Step 6: Now you can choose either to stream it directly to VLC, or you can choose to save the recording to your computer, just right click the recording you want to save, and save it whereever you want.
Remember to encode the videofile and choose "deinterlace" before start.

Step 7: The file is being saved. The time it takes, is based on your home network setup, the lenght of the video-file  and your computerspeed.

Step 8: Watch your recording on your computer, or watch it later on your TV. Remember to delete the original from the HDD connected to the TV, to get room for even more recordings in the future! :)

My setup:
The setup I have, is the Panasonic VT60 NeoPlasma Smart TV and a normal computer.
They are both joined through our home network with Wifi.

We often record TV-shows or movies to see them later, but dont have so much room on the USB drive we have to record on. So, how do we fix this?

In VLC I see the Panasonic VIERA VT60 Series, and then the HDD and then the Tuner.
Because this specific model has 2 DVB-C tuners, I can in fact watch Live TV through VLC, while another program is being watched on the TV. However, if one program is being recorded and another is being watched, I cant watch any in VLC. Its only possible because of the 2 tuners! :)

In this screenshot of my setup, you can see me watching a recorded session of "Le Tour De France" :)
And remember, to get the screen, go to View -> Playlist. (don't mind the text in my VLC, its in danish :))

If you got any questions, or comments to the guide, please do tell me, and I will try to help!

ESET Anti-Theft - Worst for those who steals!

I've had the ESET software for some months now, and thought I would tell a little something about the new feature to the ESET Smart Security 6 - Anti-Theft.
Its a neet little feature, where you can activate a little tracker device thingy, and then keep track of your computer, if stolen. Yea, I know, a lot of software programmes can do this, but ESET takes it to another lvl. It wants you to create a Phantom Account, which will be the only accesable account. It would not have any code, therefore be the one the theft would use, also, if you changes your computerstatus to "missing" on the Anti-Theft website: my.eset.com, your computeraccount will be blocked, and the computer will start taking photos with the webcam, screenshots and tracking movements.
You can even test if this works, after creating your account and setting up anti-theft on your computer.

The website is very easy to use, and great innovating design.
If you dont want the phantom account, you can still use the anti-theft programme! So its not that you have to make some random account to your computer, that you never uses urself. So its really simple, and lets YOU make all the choices.

The site even tracks your current ESET license, and tells you, if you need to buy a new license or not.

What I want?
I would like to see some more features, and get my gaming computer on it too, and not just my laptop. For now, I have my gaming pc on it, but it still shows as a laptop in settings, which is kinda annoying. Its like, ESET never thought about a PC getting stolen too, cause it does happends, sometimes, I know, its easier to steal laptops, but I thing the PC is on its way back, why I think this should be added too.
I would also like to see a better track of location. Mine doesn't work, not for my PC, not for my laptop. Not sure why. Hoping it will get fixed in future updates!