tirsdag den 26. november 2013

Onlive - Ultimate gaming - Ultimate experience!

So, at first I was sceptical, when I heard about Onlive back in the days. I thought it was a flop, that would never get anywhere, because it was too big a project. Allthough I was sceptical, I signed up, because I had a real shitty computer and wanted to play all kinds of games, and signing up would be the best way to support the idea!

Today I am really glad I signed up, although I have never used any money on it yet, but just to have seen the development over the years has been all worth it!

I have gotten a couple of free games, with I can play just with an internet connection, and I think it is great! I have wondered about buying some games there, but I just havent found it stable enough in Denmark, to those games I wonna play. And I wonna play multiplayer games and racing and FPS games.
I tried out Fuel for 30 minutes, it was really fun, and it didnt even lag. LEGO Harry Potter also did play real great! Hoever AvP multiplayer was a little too laggy, maybe because there is such a long way for the info.

 But games is not all, Onlive has to offer!
The new feature, thats not so new anymore, is the Onlive Desktop, that gives u all the great Desktop abilities for your iPad, iPhone, tablet and android!
I havent had the chance to try this out, cause its not available in Denmark, but I think it is a cool feature.

I hope they will keep up the good work, and just innovate the sh*t out of technology!
A feature I really want to see in the future, would be the ability to activate games you have already bought, for example on origin, steam or uplay. Or even make your own server, something like Teamviewer.
Also, of course, I am looking forward to see all the features on Onlive being available in Denmar :)

What do you think of Onlive?
Plz comment your thoughts :)

mandag den 30. september 2013

Kickstarter! Help kickstart new ideas!

Last year I head about a site called Kickstarter, but like everytime I hear about something new, I am very suspicius, and didn't think much about it. And it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I really began to open up my eyes to the site.
Many cool ideas has already left the program and have great succes! For example:
The occolus rift: http://www.kickstarter.com/oculus-rift
Pebble: http://www.kickstarter.com/pebble-watch
The 10 year-old Hoodie: http://www.kickstarter.com/10-year-old-hoodie
The Veronica Mars Movie: http://www.kickstarter.com/the-veronica-mars-movie-project

I, myself, have pledged two projects, one becomming and one that did not make it, but however, its great to help some innovative people with their projects!
Go search the site for great projects and pledge yourself!

Maybe you can help out making the next youtube sensation like the Video Game High School, which has not only brought the first season, but also the second to Kickstarter!
The first season episodes almost have 10 million viewers on youtube!

Wonna do more than just pledge on other projects? Make your own and see if you can make your dreams come true! So go get your entrepreneur-cap and get on with it!

Pledge on!

lørdag den 24. august 2013

The Humble Origin Bundle - Make a donation!

Wow, would never have guessed anthing like this would happend.
Just as that, like 2 weeks after the game of the yea, Battlefield 3 could be picked up for 5 dollars in the origin store, origin does this partnership with Humble Bundle, and gives away 6 games, if you donate at least 1 dollar to charity. AND, if you donate more than the average donation, with atm. is at 4.88 dollar, you get not only Battlefield 3, but also The sims 3 (starter pack, that means an extra 2 packs for sims) AND, as off yesterday, two more games comes along, C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising and Populous.

The best thing, it ain't fake! Its official origin gamekeys due to the partnership between Humble Bundle and Origin! So, if you haven't yet picked up ur copies of these great games, make sure to do today, and donate some money to charity! This way u can save lives through the charity donation, and you can play some great games, until Battlefield 4 comes out, or the next Humble Bundle arrives with some other great games!

Be sure to thank Origin for the deal by preordering Battlefield 4 or Sims 4, because this is some of their future great games coming out, and the Humble Bundle might just be a promotion idea for these games, who knows? Plus they want everyone to own a copy of both BF3 and Sims 3 before the next generation arrives, and ends the lives of the previous, which I would think will be a shame too. BF3 is such a great game. Can only remember one BF game to have had so much succes, and that being the number one game of them all, Battlefield 1942!

onsdag den 31. juli 2013

PostDanmark Rundt was in Varde!

After some great weeks with Tour De France, it finally came to the danish Tour.. Tour de Denmark, or whatever you call it around the world. In Denmark we call it PostDanmark Rundt... :)

I had VIP seats for the first stage which ended in Varde, with 3 rounds of 3,6 km in Varde, so I had time to take pictures and make video of the guys rolling by with the average speed of about 55 km/t.

It was very fun, and great to see the the danish Lars Bak in action!
Even though he did not win, he was overall very happy about the race though. Take a look on the photo I took of him, when he went towards the winning podium, where he should stand, due to his third place (y, I know, might be wierd, but in Denmark we get both the first, the second and the third to see on the podium)
Also very good to see other people on the podium than just the winner, Magnus Cort Nilsen from Team Cult, because he did not only win the first stage, he also took the yellow leader shirt, the climber shirt(or what its called) and the white young leadership shirt. The number two got the point shirt aswell, and unfortunately for Lars, who also have appeared in Tour De France the past many years, did not get any shirt.

However it was a great day, and I would like to thank Varde for a great show!  

tirsdag den 2. juli 2013

How to get your TV recordings onto your computer.

I have recently discovered an easy way to transport the recorded TV-media from your TV to your computer.! The only thing you need, is a computer and a TV on the same Wifi connection.
Numerous Smart-TV's are compatible, e.g Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony and several more. The only requirement is, that both the TV and the computer is DLNA certified.

Step 1: Download VLC Media Player

Step 2: Be sure the TV is turned on, and the DLNA is activated (Options like network and media stuff are turned on)

Step 3: Go to VLC on your PC or laptop, to to:
View -> Playlist (or press CTRL+L)
Press the Local Network -> Universal Plug'n'Play
(See a picture of my setup in the buttom)

Step 4: Wait for VLC to load network devices.

Step 5: Chose your TV when it shows and find the External HDD you have saved the recorded media on

Step 6: Now you can choose either to stream it directly to VLC, or you can choose to save the recording to your computer, just right click the recording you want to save, and save it whereever you want.
Remember to encode the videofile and choose "deinterlace" before start.

Step 7: The file is being saved. The time it takes, is based on your home network setup, the lenght of the video-file  and your computerspeed.

Step 8: Watch your recording on your computer, or watch it later on your TV. Remember to delete the original from the HDD connected to the TV, to get room for even more recordings in the future! :)

My setup:
The setup I have, is the Panasonic VT60 NeoPlasma Smart TV and a normal computer.
They are both joined through our home network with Wifi.

We often record TV-shows or movies to see them later, but dont have so much room on the USB drive we have to record on. So, how do we fix this?

In VLC I see the Panasonic VIERA VT60 Series, and then the HDD and then the Tuner.
Because this specific model has 2 DVB-C tuners, I can in fact watch Live TV through VLC, while another program is being watched on the TV. However, if one program is being recorded and another is being watched, I cant watch any in VLC. Its only possible because of the 2 tuners! :)

In this screenshot of my setup, you can see me watching a recorded session of "Le Tour De France" :)
And remember, to get the screen, go to View -> Playlist. (don't mind the text in my VLC, its in danish :))

If you got any questions, or comments to the guide, please do tell me, and I will try to help!

ESET Anti-Theft - Worst for those who steals!

I've had the ESET software for some months now, and thought I would tell a little something about the new feature to the ESET Smart Security 6 - Anti-Theft.
Its a neet little feature, where you can activate a little tracker device thingy, and then keep track of your computer, if stolen. Yea, I know, a lot of software programmes can do this, but ESET takes it to another lvl. It wants you to create a Phantom Account, which will be the only accesable account. It would not have any code, therefore be the one the theft would use, also, if you changes your computerstatus to "missing" on the Anti-Theft website: my.eset.com, your computeraccount will be blocked, and the computer will start taking photos with the webcam, screenshots and tracking movements.
You can even test if this works, after creating your account and setting up anti-theft on your computer.

The website is very easy to use, and great innovating design.
If you dont want the phantom account, you can still use the anti-theft programme! So its not that you have to make some random account to your computer, that you never uses urself. So its really simple, and lets YOU make all the choices.

The site even tracks your current ESET license, and tells you, if you need to buy a new license or not.

What I want?
I would like to see some more features, and get my gaming computer on it too, and not just my laptop. For now, I have my gaming pc on it, but it still shows as a laptop in settings, which is kinda annoying. Its like, ESET never thought about a PC getting stolen too, cause it does happends, sometimes, I know, its easier to steal laptops, but I thing the PC is on its way back, why I think this should be added too.
I would also like to see a better track of location. Mine doesn't work, not for my PC, not for my laptop. Not sure why. Hoping it will get fixed in future updates!

onsdag den 26. juni 2013

Nvidia Geforce 320.49 driver Beta - BF3 FIX!

I am very happy today! The Nvidia company finally desides to come out with a bugfix to their BF-killer drivers version 314-320.14!! I have already been playing battlefield an hour without any problems. And it seems like it has worked a hundred percent!

Goodbye texture failures! And hello battlefield!
Lets woop some ass! :D

Download now, here: http://www.geforce.co.uk/drivers
Do it before your neighbor, and get the advantage on the battlefield! :)

Remember to download the Nvidia Experience, for optimal battlefield performance!

Add me on Racer Comms!
RacerID: repsakasper

And join me on the battlefield ;)

søndag den 23. juni 2013

IObit Driver Booster 1 (Beta) review

So, tried the Driver Booster the other day, after finally getting the download through my ESET Firewall. I know, its still a beta, so might not be so secure, and thats why my firewall blocked it. But here it is! :)

To download, click here:

Or to read about it on the official IObit website, check here:

First, I thought it would be an essential piece of software for my laptop, which is around 4 years old. But no, there was about 3 updates, 2 of them to hardware not excisting in my specific model. (or would have any effect). But as the Iobit team writes on their official blog/forum, the database of drivers is constantly being updated: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=15513
- Follow the link, to also give your feedback, after trying it for yourself ;)

So, for my Feedback... I rolled on the new driverupdates for my stationary last week, and it worked well. There was an update for the soundcard. I now have a program for my sound, which looks like its from the 80s or something, but nevertheless, the soundbugs from Skype, when being in a conversation, is now gone.
- This I am very happy for.

This is how it looks like, for me, today:

The update for my videocard is gonna stay, cause the bugs for Battlefield 3 with the newest NVIDIA graphics card is just gonna kill me, so Im staying with the old one!
The Marvel Controller one I have absolutely no idea what is, or what I should use it for.
But the new thing, is the Intel(R) USB 3.0 rodhub update. It wasn't there last week, so, why its somehow already ancient, I cant tell, but nevertheless. I'll try updating them, to see whats gonna happend.
- Remember! Update them seperately, to see whats gonna happend, so that if theres something wierd happening, you can just roll back the update that made the change. :)

Conclusion, and ideas.
I wanted to get a few things straight. I have wrote a couple on the official forum as feedback, but I'll just write them here too, just in case :)

1) Make a detailed list of the driverupdates. I really want to know why I have to update, and what changes it might give (For example, I don't wonna update the Marvel Controller atm, because I have no clue, what the H*** it is.)
2) Do NOT get rid of the manual update! I like the fact, that I can see that the installation progress is running on my screen, and that I can see whos made the update (For example, the Intel Logo in the installation process when installing the USB rodhub update!)
3) Of course, like anything else, I am looking forward to the stable version, and to see a much wider support of hardwaredrivers.

Hope you like my review, post a comment below, if you have something to say, or have a great program for me to review next :)

fredag den 14. juni 2013


So, as a frequent user of ESET Smart Security, and the public release the other day, I thought: "Why not try out the beta?". I was in the Beta for Version 6, and loved it! So what could not be likeable with the newest version?

The first thing I noticed was the still missing option to auto-uninstall the old version, before installing the new. I had to uninstall version 6 and then restart my computer before being able to install the new version.
The positive thing though, was that my data was saved, and after installing the beta, I was still logged in as the same user as before, which was really nice.

The second thing I noticed, was the new logo, now being an "e" in the same format as the ESET logo, which I found very nice, much more noticeable and recognicable than the round yellow thingy from before. However I find the colour a pit too NOD32 alike.

Inside the application:
The new version looks, as I can see, excatly the same way, as the old one, except a couple of layout changes and colour changes. Not that this is a bad thing. I like it when things get better on the inside, but looks the same. :)

I got the Anti-Theft from version 6, which I found really nice, and now felt even more secure taking my laptop with me everywhere, however I found it slightly annoying, that the annotation about the missing Phantom account came back, after installing version 7 on the same computer. I didnt have to registrer again, which was nice, thumps up. But I dont wonna be warned once again, about the missing account.

The Gamer-Mode is still in, and still detects when I open up my games, which is just the best feature still to get even better! I love the auto-detection, and the easyness combined with the high protection.

Whats new?
Advanced Memory Scanner which detects threats even deaper! Vulnerability Shield letting you be even more secure on every internetconnection. This is great for me, when I lock on to the free WiFi in the train on my way to school. Then there is improved cleaning, which just eliminates the use of third-party malware scanners and protectionapplications. This just boosts the performence even more!

The best thing with the new ESET Smart Security, is, that I know I can stay safe, no matter where I am, and where I lock on! I love the improving security features allowing everyone to be safe and secure ONLY with ESET Smart Security 7!

Wonna download the Beta, or wonna try out the stable version? Find it here: www.eset.com
Dont know if you should try out the ESET NOD32 Antivirus instead? Read about the beta here: http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/ESET-NOD32-Antivirus-7-Beta-Review-360580.shtml

fredag den 24. maj 2013

NVIDIA GeForce Experience *NEW Feature for gamers!

Hello, its me again.

This time my first review of a software programme. (More will come)
I wonna talk about the new NVIDIA software programme, which were launched yesterday along with their new driver version for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs (version 320.18).

I am very glad to finally see some usable software from NVIDIA, now taking their online gaming informations studio closer to their customers! I often used the online site, but never really changed the settings when in the game, I just didn't bother, cause the game was showing fine quality. But now, with the NVIDIA Experience its so easy to optimize ingame textures and preferences.
And I know that I'm definetly going to use it more in the future!

Furthermore its the first easy way to update the GPU driver, without having to go to the official site!

I know it doesn't look like much, but the fact that it does not only show the optimal settings, but also automaticly changes every game to the optimal settings according to your system is all we need.
I also fancy the fact that it shows an example picture from the game, explaining some of the settings. For example the explanation of how the ambient Occlusion setting feature effects the game.

Can't find your games?
First time I used it, it did not find all my games, and I thought, what is this commercial shit? But when I looked closer I found the opportunity to go straight to every gamelocation on the computer, to find every specific game.
Just go to Preferences -> Games and press the "plus" in the right side. Then find our game location in windows.
Remember, still not all games are supported! Check here for your game:

New versions!
The fact that its a all new programme from NVIDIA, means thats theres a lot of future versions to come! And what not to expect? I would personaly hope for maybe a cooperation with Intel and/or AMD to optimize game even more taking into account what processer the computer uses. Also, maybe a more detailed driver section, which even finds drivers for other releverant software, e.g. the soundcard, the mouse and so on. Also, why not integrate game updates into it?

- We might even see an integration of some of the functions found in the (Iobit) Razer Game Booster!
Or maybe the other way around?

What do you think of the new NVIDIA software programme? Something you immidiatly installed or something you did not install when heard about the new driver version?

Please leave a comment with your experience or questions!

torsdag den 16. maj 2013

My New Blog! - Welcome to me :)

So, first I was writing on a danish blogsite, to recieve bonus points for buying free items. But as all other free stuff , it got more and more commercial, and after two years of blogging, I decided to stop.
I haven't blogged since two years ago, when I stopped, cause I have been busy with my study. But I feel it might be time for me to get started again.

So who am I? I am a 21 years old male now trying to blog in english. I am from Denmark, so my english shouldn't be so bad. I am currently studying for a bachelor at the Southern University of Denmark (SDU).
I won't be able to be active on my blog so much the next month, due to the soon arrivals of my exams, but I hope to get back here for more talk and some guides and reviews on everything that comes in my mind!

Currently I have an idea of what I want to write of in the beginning.
It could be the amazing EA/Dice game: Battlefield 3, or the upcoming Battlefield 4.
Or something simple as the new Razer Game Booster, which I have been using with great succes, since the launch from Iobit (ealier Iobit Game Booster).
I don't want to get around everything, but please leave a comment, if there's something you might want a guide for, such as a guide for how to get new cars into the great game GTA: San Andreas, or want a review on the best Samsung phone: Samsung Galaxy S2.

I might even write some blogs in danish, if I'll get some danish subscribers outhere. But untill that, I will be writing entirely for my own pleasure. As I have always said: "If I like it, when you might too".

If you want to know more, I am trying to get known everywhere. I have recently uploaded some new videoes to my youtubechannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/repsakasper
And I have just created a TwitchTV account, which I hope, will come in handy, the next time I want to join the battlefield: http://www.twitch.tv/repsakasper
Or if you are more a fan of photography, you can watch my best pictures on DeviantArt: http://ncis-repsakasper.deviantart.com/

Thats all from me tonight,
please leave a comment or join me next time!