onsdag den 31. juli 2013

PostDanmark Rundt was in Varde!

After some great weeks with Tour De France, it finally came to the danish Tour.. Tour de Denmark, or whatever you call it around the world. In Denmark we call it PostDanmark Rundt... :)

I had VIP seats for the first stage which ended in Varde, with 3 rounds of 3,6 km in Varde, so I had time to take pictures and make video of the guys rolling by with the average speed of about 55 km/t.

It was very fun, and great to see the the danish Lars Bak in action!
Even though he did not win, he was overall very happy about the race though. Take a look on the photo I took of him, when he went towards the winning podium, where he should stand, due to his third place (y, I know, might be wierd, but in Denmark we get both the first, the second and the third to see on the podium)
Also very good to see other people on the podium than just the winner, Magnus Cort Nilsen from Team Cult, because he did not only win the first stage, he also took the yellow leader shirt, the climber shirt(or what its called) and the white young leadership shirt. The number two got the point shirt aswell, and unfortunately for Lars, who also have appeared in Tour De France the past many years, did not get any shirt.

However it was a great day, and I would like to thank Varde for a great show!  

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