mandag den 30. september 2013

Kickstarter! Help kickstart new ideas!

Last year I head about a site called Kickstarter, but like everytime I hear about something new, I am very suspicius, and didn't think much about it. And it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I really began to open up my eyes to the site.
Many cool ideas has already left the program and have great succes! For example:
The occolus rift:
The 10 year-old Hoodie:
The Veronica Mars Movie:

I, myself, have pledged two projects, one becomming and one that did not make it, but however, its great to help some innovative people with their projects!
Go search the site for great projects and pledge yourself!

Maybe you can help out making the next youtube sensation like the Video Game High School, which has not only brought the first season, but also the second to Kickstarter!
The first season episodes almost have 10 million viewers on youtube!

Wonna do more than just pledge on other projects? Make your own and see if you can make your dreams come true! So go get your entrepreneur-cap and get on with it!

Pledge on!

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