ESET Mobile Antivirus V3 BETA - Anti-Theft review

In continuation from my last ESET Mobile review I have now registrered my phone to my Anti-theft profile.
That meening, that when I log on to and those the Anti-Theft, I now see my mobile alongside my laptop and PC which I have also registrered.

So, on to the review of the Anti-Theft part in the mobile app.

Test one (remember when testing, to accept the test on the mobile device!)
First I tested the basics, which was a full test, with every thing turned on, on my mobile (Wifi, Mobile Network (3G) and GPS) I then logged on to and ran a test, which gave me the following results:
So, with everything on, it takes like no time to retreive all data needed, if your phone gets stolen. This really blew me away, that it was so fast. And it even took 2 photos, from my front and backcamera! And watching them I actually see my desk, and even my self. So it works! (se below)

 It even tells me the IP address and the name of the Wifi supplier, which I think is incredible, cause a lot of the online "whats my IP-address" out there when searching on google places me a hole different place in my country, and tells me a totally different IP address, that I know isn't true.

Now for test two, where I turned off those things I always have turned off, when not using the phone, so, only Mobile Data active!

The data retreived was almost the same, it took a little longer, and the accuracy was the same
And when going to the Device IP address received the name of the supplier is now my Mobile Network supplier. 

Now for test three, this time I first turned off everything on my phone, and then ran the test.
This time the test was going no-where (what a shock), but as soon as I turned on the Wifi connection, it found my phone. this time, with no GPS, no Mobile Data and only the Wifi, there was a more precise location, with an accuracy of 17 metres. Kinda wierd that it was more accurate with only the Wifi on, but maybe its because of the different information from the Wifi, the GPS and the Mobile Data supplier.

The conclusion
Overall it was very easy to use, and I hope that the "device missing" function is just as usefull as the test function, because if it is, theres no worrying over lost devices anymore! 
For those of you who have not tried the mobile version, but only the desktop version, I can say, that the mobile version functions the same way (for more read my other review for ESET desktop version of Anti-theft). 

What could be improved?
Theres not so much I need, the point of having the Anti-Theft is to find your lost phone if stolen, or just lost. 
But something tells me, that a lot of people could just loose their phones on regular basis (e.g. going to a party, forgetting it at a friends place or loosing it at the gym, at sports etc. etc.) so maybe some kind of message could be shown on the phone. Like "found this phone, plz return to 'address'".. And it should show the message if anyone choses to try to unluck it, which they ofcourse can't due to the lock function in the Anti-Theft system. 

All in all I am very happy with the Anti-Theft extention to my Anti-Virus protection software, also just the fact that I don't need two seperate apps!

Any comments? Plz comment below about your thoughts on the Anti-Theft part, leave a +1 if yo enjoyed reading, and check out my other reviews. 


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