onsdag den 26. juni 2013

Nvidia Geforce 320.49 driver Beta - BF3 FIX!

I am very happy today! The Nvidia company finally desides to come out with a bugfix to their BF-killer drivers version 314-320.14!! I have already been playing battlefield an hour without any problems. And it seems like it has worked a hundred percent!

Goodbye texture failures! And hello battlefield!
Lets woop some ass! :D

Download now, here: http://www.geforce.co.uk/drivers
Do it before your neighbor, and get the advantage on the battlefield! :)

Remember to download the Nvidia Experience, for optimal battlefield performance!

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RacerID: repsakasper

And join me on the battlefield ;)

søndag den 23. juni 2013

IObit Driver Booster 1 (Beta) review

So, tried the Driver Booster the other day, after finally getting the download through my ESET Firewall. I know, its still a beta, so might not be so secure, and thats why my firewall blocked it. But here it is! :)

To download, click here:

Or to read about it on the official IObit website, check here:

First, I thought it would be an essential piece of software for my laptop, which is around 4 years old. But no, there was about 3 updates, 2 of them to hardware not excisting in my specific model. (or would have any effect). But as the Iobit team writes on their official blog/forum, the database of drivers is constantly being updated: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=15513
- Follow the link, to also give your feedback, after trying it for yourself ;)

So, for my Feedback... I rolled on the new driverupdates for my stationary last week, and it worked well. There was an update for the soundcard. I now have a program for my sound, which looks like its from the 80s or something, but nevertheless, the soundbugs from Skype, when being in a conversation, is now gone.
- This I am very happy for.

This is how it looks like, for me, today:

The update for my videocard is gonna stay, cause the bugs for Battlefield 3 with the newest NVIDIA graphics card is just gonna kill me, so Im staying with the old one!
The Marvel Controller one I have absolutely no idea what is, or what I should use it for.
But the new thing, is the Intel(R) USB 3.0 rodhub update. It wasn't there last week, so, why its somehow already ancient, I cant tell, but nevertheless. I'll try updating them, to see whats gonna happend.
- Remember! Update them seperately, to see whats gonna happend, so that if theres something wierd happening, you can just roll back the update that made the change. :)

Conclusion, and ideas.
I wanted to get a few things straight. I have wrote a couple on the official forum as feedback, but I'll just write them here too, just in case :)

1) Make a detailed list of the driverupdates. I really want to know why I have to update, and what changes it might give (For example, I don't wonna update the Marvel Controller atm, because I have no clue, what the H*** it is.)
2) Do NOT get rid of the manual update! I like the fact, that I can see that the installation progress is running on my screen, and that I can see whos made the update (For example, the Intel Logo in the installation process when installing the USB rodhub update!)
3) Of course, like anything else, I am looking forward to the stable version, and to see a much wider support of hardwaredrivers.

Hope you like my review, post a comment below, if you have something to say, or have a great program for me to review next :)

fredag den 14. juni 2013


So, as a frequent user of ESET Smart Security, and the public release the other day, I thought: "Why not try out the beta?". I was in the Beta for Version 6, and loved it! So what could not be likeable with the newest version?

The first thing I noticed was the still missing option to auto-uninstall the old version, before installing the new. I had to uninstall version 6 and then restart my computer before being able to install the new version.
The positive thing though, was that my data was saved, and after installing the beta, I was still logged in as the same user as before, which was really nice.

The second thing I noticed, was the new logo, now being an "e" in the same format as the ESET logo, which I found very nice, much more noticeable and recognicable than the round yellow thingy from before. However I find the colour a pit too NOD32 alike.

Inside the application:
The new version looks, as I can see, excatly the same way, as the old one, except a couple of layout changes and colour changes. Not that this is a bad thing. I like it when things get better on the inside, but looks the same. :)

I got the Anti-Theft from version 6, which I found really nice, and now felt even more secure taking my laptop with me everywhere, however I found it slightly annoying, that the annotation about the missing Phantom account came back, after installing version 7 on the same computer. I didnt have to registrer again, which was nice, thumps up. But I dont wonna be warned once again, about the missing account.

The Gamer-Mode is still in, and still detects when I open up my games, which is just the best feature still to get even better! I love the auto-detection, and the easyness combined with the high protection.

Whats new?
Advanced Memory Scanner which detects threats even deaper! Vulnerability Shield letting you be even more secure on every internetconnection. This is great for me, when I lock on to the free WiFi in the train on my way to school. Then there is improved cleaning, which just eliminates the use of third-party malware scanners and protectionapplications. This just boosts the performence even more!

The best thing with the new ESET Smart Security, is, that I know I can stay safe, no matter where I am, and where I lock on! I love the improving security features allowing everyone to be safe and secure ONLY with ESET Smart Security 7!

Wonna download the Beta, or wonna try out the stable version? Find it here: www.eset.com
Dont know if you should try out the ESET NOD32 Antivirus instead? Read about the beta here: http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/ESET-NOD32-Antivirus-7-Beta-Review-360580.shtml