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IObit Driver Booster 1 (Beta) review

So, tried the Driver Booster the other day, after finally getting the download through my ESET Firewall. I know, its still a beta, so might not be so secure, and thats why my firewall blocked it. But here it is! :)

To download, click here:

Or to read about it on the official IObit website, check here:

First, I thought it would be an essential piece of software for my laptop, which is around 4 years old. But no, there was about 3 updates, 2 of them to hardware not excisting in my specific model. (or would have any effect). But as the Iobit team writes on their official blog/forum, the database of drivers is constantly being updated: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=15513
- Follow the link, to also give your feedback, after trying it for yourself ;)

So, for my Feedback... I rolled on the new driverupdates for my stationary last week, and it worked well. There was an update for the soundcard. I now have a program for my sound, which looks like its from the 80s or something, but nevertheless, the soundbugs from Skype, when being in a conversation, is now gone.
- This I am very happy for.

This is how it looks like, for me, today:

The update for my videocard is gonna stay, cause the bugs for Battlefield 3 with the newest NVIDIA graphics card is just gonna kill me, so Im staying with the old one!
The Marvel Controller one I have absolutely no idea what is, or what I should use it for.
But the new thing, is the Intel(R) USB 3.0 rodhub update. It wasn't there last week, so, why its somehow already ancient, I cant tell, but nevertheless. I'll try updating them, to see whats gonna happend.
- Remember! Update them seperately, to see whats gonna happend, so that if theres something wierd happening, you can just roll back the update that made the change. :)

Conclusion, and ideas.
I wanted to get a few things straight. I have wrote a couple on the official forum as feedback, but I'll just write them here too, just in case :)

1) Make a detailed list of the driverupdates. I really want to know why I have to update, and what changes it might give (For example, I don't wonna update the Marvel Controller atm, because I have no clue, what the H*** it is.)
2) Do NOT get rid of the manual update! I like the fact, that I can see that the installation progress is running on my screen, and that I can see whos made the update (For example, the Intel Logo in the installation process when installing the USB rodhub update!)
3) Of course, like anything else, I am looking forward to the stable version, and to see a much wider support of hardwaredrivers.

Hope you like my review, post a comment below, if you have something to say, or have a great program for me to review next :)

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