torsdag den 16. maj 2013

My New Blog! - Welcome to me :)

So, first I was writing on a danish blogsite, to recieve bonus points for buying free items. But as all other free stuff , it got more and more commercial, and after two years of blogging, I decided to stop.
I haven't blogged since two years ago, when I stopped, cause I have been busy with my study. But I feel it might be time for me to get started again.

So who am I? I am a 21 years old male now trying to blog in english. I am from Denmark, so my english shouldn't be so bad. I am currently studying for a bachelor at the Southern University of Denmark (SDU).
I won't be able to be active on my blog so much the next month, due to the soon arrivals of my exams, but I hope to get back here for more talk and some guides and reviews on everything that comes in my mind!

Currently I have an idea of what I want to write of in the beginning.
It could be the amazing EA/Dice game: Battlefield 3, or the upcoming Battlefield 4.
Or something simple as the new Razer Game Booster, which I have been using with great succes, since the launch from Iobit (ealier Iobit Game Booster).
I don't want to get around everything, but please leave a comment, if there's something you might want a guide for, such as a guide for how to get new cars into the great game GTA: San Andreas, or want a review on the best Samsung phone: Samsung Galaxy S2.

I might even write some blogs in danish, if I'll get some danish subscribers outhere. But untill that, I will be writing entirely for my own pleasure. As I have always said: "If I like it, when you might too".

If you want to know more, I am trying to get known everywhere. I have recently uploaded some new videoes to my youtubechannel:
And I have just created a TwitchTV account, which I hope, will come in handy, the next time I want to join the battlefield:
Or if you are more a fan of photography, you can watch my best pictures on DeviantArt:

Thats all from me tonight,
please leave a comment or join me next time!

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