lørdag den 24. august 2013

The Humble Origin Bundle - Make a donation!

Wow, would never have guessed anthing like this would happend.
Just as that, like 2 weeks after the game of the yea, Battlefield 3 could be picked up for 5 dollars in the origin store, origin does this partnership with Humble Bundle, and gives away 6 games, if you donate at least 1 dollar to charity. AND, if you donate more than the average donation, with atm. is at 4.88 dollar, you get not only Battlefield 3, but also The sims 3 (starter pack, that means an extra 2 packs for sims) AND, as off yesterday, two more games comes along, C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising and Populous.

The best thing, it ain't fake! Its official origin gamekeys due to the partnership between Humble Bundle and Origin! So, if you haven't yet picked up ur copies of these great games, make sure to do today, and donate some money to charity! This way u can save lives through the charity donation, and you can play some great games, until Battlefield 4 comes out, or the next Humble Bundle arrives with some other great games!

Be sure to thank Origin for the deal by preordering Battlefield 4 or Sims 4, because this is some of their future great games coming out, and the Humble Bundle might just be a promotion idea for these games, who knows? Plus they want everyone to own a copy of both BF3 and Sims 3 before the next generation arrives, and ends the lives of the previous, which I would think will be a shame too. BF3 is such a great game. Can only remember one BF game to have had so much succes, and that being the number one game of them all, Battlefield 1942!

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