torsdag den 20. marts 2014

ESET Mobile Security v3 Beta review!

Hi techfans!

So, I just joined the betatesting of ESETS newest Mobile Security app for Android.
You can join too, by liking their google+ site:
And opting as beta tester on Google Play:

The app is very easy to install and easy to use. It offers:
- Antivirus protection
- Anti-Theft protection
- SMS and call filter (premium only)
- Anti-Phishing (premium only)
- Safetycontrol (premium only)

The app offers maximum protection within its limits. However I think it lacks a little ind advancability. After my opinion todays antivirusprograms shouldn't "just" offer maximum protection, due to all the many different offers out there, claiming they have just as good a protection program as the others.
Although this is my opinion I find the ESET app very easy to use, not a lot of wierd and questionable functions! And it even comes with an automatic scanner for new applications you download and install from the Play-store.

Regarding the "missing" features, I have spoken to the team on their Google+ site, and they doesn't seem too indifferent. Although they wonna keep their minds on the main feature: The protection, they are still listening to their users, which I think is great!

So we might see a whitelistening function in the future, which were one of the features I feeded them with, due to the fact that ESET Mobile Security kept warning me about extra costs connected to the use of dataroaming. This is a great feature, because its a known issue especial when going on vacation. But where I live, I have free dataroaming on certain mobile connections, if my home network isn't represented. This will be more and more normal in the feature, if not dataroaming someplace in the future will be almost free everywhere.. Who knows.

What are your experience with the app? Have you tried the anti-theft feature yet? Because I haven't, and wonder how it works, if it works like on the computer, which I think works great!

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