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Onlive - Ultimate gaming - Ultimate experience!

So, at first I was sceptical, when I heard about Onlive back in the days. I thought it was a flop, that would never get anywhere, because it was too big a project. Allthough I was sceptical, I signed up, because I had a real shitty computer and wanted to play all kinds of games, and signing up would be the best way to support the idea!

Today I am really glad I signed up, although I have never used any money on it yet, but just to have seen the development over the years has been all worth it!

I have gotten a couple of free games, with I can play just with an internet connection, and I think it is great! I have wondered about buying some games there, but I just havent found it stable enough in Denmark, to those games I wonna play. And I wonna play multiplayer games and racing and FPS games.
I tried out Fuel for 30 minutes, it was really fun, and it didnt even lag. LEGO Harry Potter also did play real great! Hoever AvP multiplayer was a little too laggy, maybe because there is such a long way for the info.

 But games is not all, Onlive has to offer!
The new feature, thats not so new anymore, is the Onlive Desktop, that gives u all the great Desktop abilities for your iPad, iPhone, tablet and android!
I havent had the chance to try this out, cause its not available in Denmark, but I think it is a cool feature.

I hope they will keep up the good work, and just innovate the sh*t out of technology!
A feature I really want to see in the future, would be the ability to activate games you have already bought, for example on origin, steam or uplay. Or even make your own server, something like Teamviewer.
Also, of course, I am looking forward to see all the features on Onlive being available in Denmar :)

What do you think of Onlive?
Plz comment your thoughts :)

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